Summer Slam is an intense burst of one on one speech therapy for as many consecutive days as possible.  Research shows that children who receive speech regularly and take breaks in the summer show regression when they return.  The same research shows that a large burst of therapy can help maintain progress, if not increase, with frequent visits.  

Summer Slam was designed for families who are in the summer time transition from receiving speech services at school, or may just want to take a break over the summer.

Although we don’t recommend taking a break for long,  you can get a whole summer worth of speech therapy in a couple of weeks if you came once a day for two weeks, then took the rest of the summer off.  

You could even come for a couple of weeks, then take some time off, then come again right before school starts so you’re feeling confident.

We work with private pay or insurance, or take advantage of our packages that we have as well for reduced rates.  

It’s really no different than receiving services as one of our clients, its just all at once at some point during the summer. 

All the same Speech Pathway policies apply, including payment and attendance, to Summer Slam. 

You should consider any trips that you have going on this summer.

If you are an existing client please contact the front desk at 405.603.6622 and tell our admin team that you’d like to do a Summer Slam.

If you are a new client, do the same thing, and we’ll get you started.  


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