Three camps to meet your needs

Speech Pathway is excited to offer three different summer experiences full of learning, communication, and of course FUN!

Camp Communicate is our summer programming consisting of three tiers of supportive camps offered at different times throughout the summer: Intense Academy, Speech Spot, and Kids Connect. Each tier of Camp Communicate offers a different level of support and intervention for your child based on their communication needs. With the guidance of speech-language pathologists, speech-language pathology assistants, registered behavior technicians, and board-certified behavior analysts, your child will be set up for success while attending Camp Communicate. Click below to see what program may be best for your child!


Are you a family member looking to support a child at Speech Pathway? We offer gift cards for all Speech Pathway programs and swag. 

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The Basics

Intense Academy

Speech Spot

Kid Connect

Individual Sessions

Q&A Sessions

Parent Training

Ratios (child to adult)

Group activities

Provided Snack

Fun Experience

2-3 per day


1 per day





NO! If you have a copy of their current care plan, we’d love to see it. If you don’t have a copy, no worries! We will talk with you before you begin our programs at Speech Pathway?

We do not offer allergy-friendly snacks at this time. However, please feel free to provide snacks for your child that adhere to their needs.

All of our staff is highly trained in communication and behavior as well as facilitating social interactions. Our staff will help your child grow in a safe, encouraging environment while forming relationships, building confidence, and having fun!

This is a great question and one we can only answer by getting to know your child a little better. When you fill out your application, check the boxes to let us know what camps you may be interested in. The more information you give us on the application, the better able we are to find the right fit for your child. Intense Academy offers intensive intervention to facilitate functional communication. Speech Spot is our camp for less intense intervention, but those who still need some extra work on speech and language development. Kid Connect is an extension of our groups program that focuses on social communication and relationship-building. If you’re still unsure, fill out our application with the most information possible and we can help guide you through the process!

At this time we cannot take insurance for our programs.

No, we do not offer financial aid for groups.  Please see our grants and funding page for a list of grant organizations that may be able to help.

All of our programming will be held at our main building off of 122nd and Council Rd. (when we get to move into it!).

At this time masks are not required for our groups.  However, that is subject to change at a moment’s notice. Please feel free to take whatever precautions are necessary for your child.

Camp Communicate is enrolled in one week at a time for group and individual intervention. Summer Slam is multiple sessions throughout the week over multiple weeks on an individual basis.

*There are no refunds for group sessions. If you wish to request for a refund you may contact our clinical coordinator at

Communication for Kids

By donating you are providing children and families access to services to that will unlock their power of communication.  The cost of these research-based methods are most often not covered by health insurance and most families are not able to afford the services.  Your gift will help a child find their voice.

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