Flexible rates for your family.

  • The current rate for Speech Therapy is $85.00 per session (25 minutes).
  • Save about 30% by paying our same-day rate of $65.00 per session with a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). 
  • Save about 47% by paying our same-day rate of $45.00 per session with a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA).
  • Payment for the same-day rate is due at the time of service.
  • We also offer monthly pre-pay package pricing which includes even deeper discounts.

SLP Pricing

$ 65
/per session*
  • 3x/week – $760/month (up to 13x/month)
  • 2x/week – $530/month (up to 9x/month)
  • 1x/week – $295/month (up to 5x/month)

SLPA Pricing

$ 45
/ per session*
  • 3x/week – $575/month (up to 13x/month)
  • 2x/week – $400/month (up to 9x/month)
  • 1x/week – $220/month (up to 5x/month)


Private Pay

Evaluation Pricing

Our current evaluation rates vary depending on the type of evaluation. We offer competitive rates for families wishing to pay for evaluation services on the same day. Click the link below to learn more about speech language evaluations or see our private evaluation rates.


What is an SLPA?

An SLPA is a highly trained support assistant who, following academic coursework, fieldwork, and on-the-job training, perform tasks prescribed, directed, and supervised by ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists.

What package is best for my family?

Always consult with your SLP to see the frequency that is recommended for your child.  Then, consider your family’s schedule and financial ability to find an agreeable plan. Your SLP can also help you decide if an SLPA would be a good fit for your child and his/her communication concerns.

What if I need to cancel a session or reschedule a session?

We understand that things come up, Reschedules are allowed for cancelled appointments as follows: 1 reschedule per month for the 4 session package; 2 reschedules per month for the 8 session package; 3 reschedules per month for the 12 session package. Sessions not rescheduled prior to the session start  time will not be rescheduled. Reschedules/Cancellations must be made within one week of missed appointment, with the front desk, unless special circumstances prevent it (please speak with the clinical director for special arrangements).

What are the benefits of pre pay packages?

Pre pay packages allow you to take advantage of our “same-day payment” discount, and even further discounts when you sign up for recurring auto payments monthly.  See package details for additional information.

How will my payment be processed?

Payment will be processed on the first of the month unless prior arrangements have been made in writing. Cancellations and no-shows may not be refunded.  See package details for additional information.

How is my child’s evaluating SLP involved in the SLPA packages?

SLPAs are required to be supervised by a licensed SLP, who will observe and/or participate in sessions periodically throughout the course of treatment.  They also communicate regularly with the SLPA to guide the treatment plan and ensure progress is being made.  See package details for further information on how often the SLP will be directly involved in sessions.