Speech Pathway is happy to offer opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students to volunteer, observe, and complete internships. Our clinic is open with clinicians serving our clients and their families Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. We also offer the exclusive Kid Connection and Camp Communicate opportunities during the summer. 

To insure the safety of the clients and families that you will be working with we require all students to provide: 

  • A state issued ID or passport (school ID is not valid)
  • Signed Speech Pathway student agreement and HIPAA form (located in the student application)
  • A completed background check (either from their university or from OSBI)

Volunteer Opportunities

Speech Pathway is offering an amazing opportunity for students to volunteer and gain experience in our field. Volunteers are crucial to the success of Speech Pathway and the multitude of families that we serve. Simply check “volunteering” on the application if you’re wanting to spend some time serving our clients and their families! We require volunteers to commit to at least 3 weeks of volunteering at a time. Some of the duties of a volunteer can include:

  • Making crafts for therapists to integrate into treatment sessions
  • Hands-on experience working with children with various speech and language challenges alongside an SLP
  • Organizing materials in order to best serve the needs of our clients and their families
  • Communicating with other professionals about how to accomplish tasks
  • Serving alongside clinicians during Kid Connection and Camp Communicate summer camps.

Observation Opportunities

Needing to complete observation hours as an undergraduate or graduate student? Wanting an insight into the field of speech-language pathology? Speech Pathway offers students the opportunity to observe teletherapy sessions and in-person sessions in a safe manner both at Speech Pathway. Simply check “observing” on the application if you’re interested in seeing what this diverse field is about!

Internship Opportunities

Speech Pathway is a teaching clinic and enjoys providing internships to students who have completed the necessary prior coursework and are seeking to become an SLP or SLP-A. Not only do students seeking an internship benefit from their time at Speech Pathway, therapists and children also grow from this experience as students bring new ideas for future goals, spark creativity, and provide fresh perspectives on an approach to treatment. Simply check “interning” on the application if you’re interested in continuing your journey in this incredible profession!

  • Applicants must provide Speech Pathway and specifically the therapist that will be supervising them with the necessary information for both the student and the supervisor in order to complete the internship. 
  • All internships meet both ASHA and OBESPA requirements.


For graduate and undergraduate students volunteering, a background check supplied by your university is sufficient if completed within the last year. If you do not have a current background check within the last year, you can obtain one through OSBI.  We require all the following three searches (please check all 3 boxes at the top of the form):

  • Name based 
  • Violent offender
  • Sexual offender

  • We are offering observation of in-person sessions from the hallway or in the room.
  • Teletherapy sessions may be observed in the same room.
  • All observation is to be completed in person at Speech Pathway, even if teletherapy is being observed.

Observers may be with one or several therapists depending on availability.

We process all applications within 2-3 business days. We will try phone contact first and then email contact if we haven’t gotten ahold of you yet.

Just send [email protected] an email and we’ll get back with you in 2-3 business days.

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