What's the big idea?

Speech Pathway is happy to provide group intervention services for children ages 2.5-18. Groups are divided based on age and communication level, and we will help you find a group that is the right fit for your child. Our group services are designed to provide a safe and fun environment for your child to work on their speech, language, and social development with peers their age.

A group for EVERY child...

Our preschool language group focuses on school readiness, socioemotional development, and learning language through play. If your child is working on interacting appropriately with peers, engaging during large group activities, following directions, regulating emotions, age-appropriate problem solving, time on task or developing early language skills, our preschool group is for you!

We’d love to help you with home practice! Check out our homework for our preschool groups here.

 If your child has the building blocks of communication (i.e., engaging with others, communicative intent, understanding and following large group activities, etc.), but needs more assistance growing their ability to interact with peers, follow and give directions, initiating interactions, maintaining relationships, participating in large group activities, conversational skills, self-advocacy or understanding personal space, our intermediate group is perfect for your 7-12 year old!

We’d love to help you with home practice! Check out our homework for our intermediate groups here.

Our adolescent group is perfect for kids that need to grow in the areas of initiating and maintaining interactions with others, following and giving directions, collaborating with peers (including the inception of ideas, problem-solving, presenting information to groups and individuals), persuasion, negotiation, making and maintaining friends, and self-advocacy using structured activities in a safe, failure-free environment. If your child has made progress on the skill of participating in group activities and initiating basic communication and they are ready to move on to more advanced communication skills, our adolescent group is perfect for your child!

We’d love to help you with home practice! Check out our homework for our adolescent groups here.


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Date / Time

SPRING • Jan. 16th - April. 21st

Our preschool group is for children ages 3.5 – 6.  This curriculum is a fun, interactive program focused on building skills in the areas of language, play, social-emotional development, and school readiness. This literacy-based program allows for the structure of school setting paired with support of therapists trained in language and behavior to develop and nurture play and language skills in a small group setting.


  • Monday 10:00 – 10:50 (FULL)
  • Tuesday 4:00-4:50 (FULL)
  • Wednesday 10-10:50
  • Thursday 4:00-4:50 (FULL)

Our intermediate social group is for children ages 7-12.   This curriculum breaks down the pragmatic and social elements that your child will face in school into easy to work on chunks that can be practiced with kids and adults. Each session will provide feedback on how to work on those skills at home with easy to follow games. It will target skills like initiating a conversation, turn-taking, requesting, and answering and asking questions in a fun-filled environment.


  • Monday 4-4:50
  • Friday 4-4:50

Our adolescent group is for ages 13-18.  This curriculum focuses on teaching social awareness and self-regulation through Superflex powers! Your child will learn about how they have a “Superflex” superhero in their brain that is being challenged daily by their very own “Team of Unthinkables,” such as Rock Brain- a bad guy who will only do what he wants to do and refuses to negotiate. Each child will learn fun strategies to practice their new super powers so they don’t realize they’re improving their self-regulation and flexible-thinking abilities!


  • Monday 5-5:50
  • Wednesday 5-5:50

Group Calendar




/13 sessions




/per 13 weeks

FAQs & Policies

We are happy to allow your child to participate in one group session. The cost is $50.00 and you can complete the online enrollment. Select the alternative payment method at checkout and our office will contact you to collect payment and schedule what date you will be attending. 

NO! We welcome all children to come participate in our groups.  Of course, individual sessions will allow us to target specific goals, but we are happy to provide group services without individual services.

Groups focus on developing…

  • Social Communication
  • Joint Attention
  • Social Reciprocity
  • Behavioral and Emotional Regulation
  • Perspective Taking
  • Making and Maintaining Friendships

Diverse groups for children who may present with…

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Undiaganosed social challenges
  • Social Anxiety Issues
  • Developmental Delays
  • Apraxia
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

No, we do not offer financial aid for groups.  Please see our grants and funding page for a list of grant organizations that may be able to help.

Does your child need help with using simple, informal language that we use when talking face to face with family members and friends? Then yes! Does your child struggle to generalize their articulation, receptive language, or expressive language skills? THEN YES! Our groups focus on friendship & participation. Peers work together to improve their overall communication in guided peer to peer interactions.

No, our group services are not medically necessary and are considered elective in nature. Should you wish to pursue medically necessary services visit our “get started” page. 

Finding the right group is important. If you have questions regarding what group your child would be appropriate for please contact our office and/or email info@speechpathway.net.  If your child is on the cusp of a certain age group, we can help you decide.

Groups take place in our Group Activities room at our office. The Group Activities room is set up to mimic the environment of one’s home or child care facility. Parents are welcome to schedule a tour and see our Group Activities room however, we do not allow parents to join or observe in group activities to provide a safe and distraction free environment.

There are different groups on each day of the week.  Please click on the group you may be interested in above for a list of the days/times that group will be meeting.

Regardless of reason for missing the group, Our group services are offered at a package rate and there are no refunds for missed groups. If you do miss a group and wish to speak with our staff regarding missing the session feel free to contact our office. If you wish to pay for specific groups we offer a same day rate of $50. If there are multiple days/times of the same group, you may be able to make up a missed group ONLY if there is a space available.

At this time masks are not required for our groups.  However, that is subject to change at a moments notice.  If you are currently enrolled in groups, we will update you of any changes before the start time of that group.

At this time,  no more than 12 children will be in any group. 

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