Kids playing in the room

Speech & Language Tips

Wanting to up your play game with your favorite little one? Grab a spud and come watch our next speech and language tip from Miss Ali! 

Miss Ambia LOVES using music during her sessions! Not sure where to start singing with your child?  Check out this video for tips!

Research provides support for a relationship between young children’s nursery rhyme abilities and their phonological- and print-related skills, including emergent reading.

Interested in our Summer Slam program, or maybe your child is working on carrying over those speech sounds? If so, Miss Chesley has some tips for you! 

With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to play in the water!  Today’s therapy tip is brought to you by Miss Amy.  

Miss Stephanie says a ball is perfect for the backyard on a sunny day, but it’s also perfect to develop speech and language skills through play! Watch our tip and try a few!

Today’s therapy tip comes from Miss Veronica.  You need just one thing- BUBBLES! There are so many ways to use bubbles for early language development. Watch our tip and learn something new. 


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