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How is Speech Pathway helping your family during the COVID 19 crisis?  Our team is working harder than ever to reduce risk of exposure of COVID 19 (and anything else) to all our little heroes while still providing the best speech therapy available.  

In a historically quick response from Oklahoma Health Care Authority we have learned that OHCA (SoonerCare) has approved telehealth services for all existing authorizations.  We are really impressed with OHCA’s progressive action to continue to provide medically necessary services without further risk of exposure and we hope their leadership will influence other insurance carriers to do the same.  We continue to work with our friends at the capital and are in communication with our state and local representatives to get telehealth coverage for all insurers.  

At this time we have received no official word from other carriers that they will honor telehealth treatment for speech services.  We have been told by numerous insurance representatives that telehealth coverage is policy specific.  

Speech Pathway has been practicing telehealth for over a year and honestly…it’s super fun.  We love seeing your children, sharing fun online resources, and being a part of their personal setting.  We have substantial empirical data to support that children are almost as excited to see their therapist online as they are when they get mail.  

Speech Pathway is doing all we can.  Now we need your help.

  • Stay connected
    • Communicate directly with your clinician through the Remind app.
    • Watch our fun shenanigans on Facebook and Instagram.  We also use it for boring stuff like frequent updates and announcements.  
  • Continue treatment with our Teletherapy
    • It is super fun.
  • Call your insurance.
    • The member number is on the back of your insurance card.  
    • Navigate the menu to benefits and eligibility.  Say, ‘Our provider has offered us telehealth/teletherapy.  It would be for the same service but with a GT modifier (indicating a service provided via telehealth).  I need our medically necessary services to be delivered in a safer way to reduce exposure from COVID 19 for ourselves and others. I need to know if telehealth/teletherapy is covered under my policy.”  
    • Don’t forget to get your reference number and let us know what they said. 
  • Contact your Legislator and State Representative.
    • You can find them at Find My Legislator
    • Call them, also email with this template.
    • Business owners can use this template.
    • Express your concerns. 
    • We need Oklahoma insurance companies to cover telehealth/teletherapy across all policies so that we don’t have a lapse in treatment during the COVID 19 crisis.”   
    • We have medically necessary treatments but have been advised to distance ourselves to decrease our risk of exposure, but my insurance doesn’t allow telehealth/teletherapy, specifically for speech therapy.”  

Speech Pathway will continue to provide the very best care possible during the COVID 19 crisis.  We’re all gonna have to do things a little different for a while, and that’s okay.  We are excited to be on this adventure with you.  We’re all in this together!


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