Month in Review

June 2022

Patient Spotlight

We have so many patients at Speech Pathway who have long journeys that require incredibly hard work from their entire family and we want to start recognizing them for the effort they put in daily! Each month we’ll be highlighting up to 5 patients who have shown so much improvement throughout their marathon in speech therapy. See our amazing June patients below!

Upcoming Events

The Piece Walk was a huge success and we can’t believe the event gets better each year! Thank you to everyone who advocated for awareness and acceptance, bought a shirt, visited the walk, or walked with us!

Mark your calendars for all of our upcoming events for 2022-2023!

  • September 27: Chester’s Pumpkin Patch
  • October 1: Walk for Apraxia at Bluff Creek Park


  • October 30: Trunk or Treat
  • December 3: Pictures with Santa
  • February: Charity Drive
  • March 4: Zoo Day
  • May 6: Movie Day
  • June: Piece Walk
  • August 6: Open House

Therapy Tip

It’s June and it is HOT. Check out some of our therapy tips below to get some work in with water!

  • Gather up our favorite toys and wash them! Stay inside to wash them in the bath where the air is cold and the water can be colder, or step outside in the sunshine with the hose! 
    • Target verbs:  wash, dry, dip, clean, rub, throw, swim, kick.
    • Work on target sounds in between washing each toy.
    • Work on language expansion through washing toys: if your little one says, “Wash,” we can expand the phrase by saying, “Wash toys!” or “Wash truck!” 
    • Work on receptively identifying vocabulary/adjectives (Where is your big car?) and expressively identifying vocabulary (Is that the BIG car or the LITTLE car?)
    • In your wash bucket, add sensory toys like pom pom balls or coins. It’s always fun to discover and play in water!
  • Going to the beach? Perfect for burying items and uncovering them!
  • Make some DIY sidewalk chalk paint! Perfect for painting the sidewalk!
    • Target nouns, such as colors, shapes, drawing animals, etc.
    • Work on target sounds while painting or paint the words on the sidewalk you’re working on!
    • Make the sidewalk paint together! Talk through what ingredients go in, how much of each ingredient, and talk through the verbs you’re using! Remember: the best way to build receptive language is through radio commentary throughout the day!
  • Heading to a splash pad? What a fantastic time to work on verbs! What can you do through the water? Jump, crawl, run, walk, clap, stomp, etc.
  • Everyone needs a dip in the pool every once in a while, why not use the diving board or slide to target your speech and language goals?
    • Imitating animal noises and movements off the diving board
    • Say a word with a target sound 5 times before taking a leap or sliding down
  • Make some homemade popsicles
    • Target as much language input as you can by talking about the steps to making popsicles, stirring and mixing, hot/cold, and having fun together!
  • Ask your clinician about more ways to target your goals on your vacation, throughout your summer days, or through your activities! They would love to help!


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