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Kids we serve often do not have opportunities to participate in organized sports or extracurricular activities like other children their age. Speech Pathway is committed to providing experiences for children to learn and fine-tune skills within a fun-filled group environment as well as provide summer camp experiences. Our creative programs provide your child with wonderful opportunities for typical childhood experiences that build self-esteem and encourage social/emotional development.


Speech Pathway is happy to provide group interventions services  for children ages 2.5-18. Our group services are designed to provide a safe and fun environment for your child to work on their speech and language development with peers their age. With the guidance a Licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist, your child has the opportunity to participate with others in new and exciting activities weekly!

Camp Communicate

Camp Communicate is a two week intensive camp offering 30 hours of intervention of Apraxia of Speech and Severe Articulation and Phonological Disorders.


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